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Flexible forms of employment as a key element of your company's business strategy

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Despite the economic slowdown in many industries, the talent shortage has not disappeared. The unemployment rate in the EU remains low (6.0% in September 2023). In turn, the vacancy rate increased to 2.9% in 2023, more than doubling compared to 2012. Demographic changes will further exacerbate the challenges on the EU labour market. According to forecasts, the population of working age in the EU will decrease to 258 million in 2030 from 265 million in 2022. In the era of aging societies and changing expectations of employees on the labour market, companies are revising their business strategies, including the resources of their organizations. talents.

In today's dynamic business environment, flexible forms of employment are becoming a key tool for companies that want to remain competitive and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. We have identified 5 basic benefits of flexible cooperation models, such as temporary work and contracting, which offer employers many benefits in terms of recruitment and team management.

1. Speed of response to changing market needs

Flexible forms of employment allow companies to adapt their teams to current needs and market challenges. Temporary work and contracting enable the quick employment of specialists for a short period of time, which is extremely useful in the case of projects with a variable scope of work or sudden recruitment needs related to the development of the company.

2. Cost optimization

Flexible forms of employment allow companies to avoid many costs associated with permanent employment - temporary or contract workers often receive benefits tailored to the duration of a specific project, rather than fixed benefit packages. Flexible working arrangements give employers better control over labour costs by delivering skills and talent just in time – when and where work is required.

3. Access to specialists for a specified period

Not only in the IT area, but also in many other industries, the need for specialized knowledge may be temporary. By using temporary work or contracting, companies have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of specialists for a fixed period, without the need to employ them permanently. This enables the effective use of specialized skills in a given project.

4. Increasing innovation

Thanks to flexible forms of employment, companies can more easily attract specialists from various fields, which in turn promotes innovation. Cooperation with various experts on short-term contracts can bring a fresh perspective on the company's problems and challenges. Additionally, such solutions can increase productivity and enrich an organization's talent mix by leveraging high-quality external knowledge to accomplish mission-critical tasks.

5. Risk management

Flexible forms of employment allow companies to more effectively manage the risk associated with fluctuations in the labour market. If the demand for employees decreases, it is easier to review the resources available in the organization and make necessary changes.

Important: At Cpl, we are observing a change in employers' approach to employees employed in organizations as part of flexible forms of cooperation. Many companies develop an internal culture friendly to temporary workers. From building brand communication to initiatives that also engage these employees, it is crucial to treat temporary workers as important parts of the team. All this translates into the success of the organization and employees, who identify with the company and are more engaged in work.

Flexible forms of employment, such as temporary work or contracting, are becoming an integral part of the recruitment strategies of companies that want to maintain flexibility and effectiveness in today's dynamic business environment. It is therefore worth considering the use of flexible forms of employment as a key element of your HR strategy to take advantage of the full potential of these modern work models. Third-party partners like Cpl can help businesses access skilled temporary or contract workers locally, nationally, and even globally.

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