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Temporary Hiring Solutions


Temporary recruitment

Increased demand for temporary staff, vacation season, sick leave or an additional project in the company - these are the situations in which it is worth using the temporary recruitment service. Experienced Cpl consultants work with the client and work together to develop the best short- and long-term solutions based on client’s business needs.

This service allows for constant control of the employment level and the introduction of flexible forms of cooperation with employees, depending on the needs. Smooth adjustment of the number of positions depending on the workload translates into noticeable savings in the company's budget.

During the recruitment process, Cpl consultants keep in touch with the Client's representatives in order to find Candidates with the required competences, verify and conduct an interview. The goal is to successfully hire a tailored employee ready for a temporary job.


Benefits of working with Cpl in temporary recruitment

  • flexible solution taking into account cost optimization

  • efficient increase in the number of employees depending on the needs

  • a proven solution for short-term projects

  • ongoing control of employment / number of employees

  • access to temporary workers from a high-quality network of contacts

  • the ability to hire candidates with key skills in a short time

Do you want to learn more about temporary recruitment? Do you value cooperation with experienced recruiters with thorough knowledge of various positions?