Terms and conditions


§ 1. General Terms

1. These Terms and Conditions for the provision of services of the CPL Jobs Job Placement Platform (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") defines:

1.1. The rules of operation of the CPL Jobs Job Placement Platform (hereinafter "Platform"), are available at URL: https://cpljobs.com/pl/, in particular in compliance with the provisions of Article 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of services by electronic means (i.e. Dz.U.2017.0.1219 as amended);

1.2. The terms of use of the User Account, and of the placement service on the Platform;

1.3. The technological requirements and conditions necessary for correct operation;

1.4. Principles of personal data processing.


2. The statute is made available to people registering on the Platform for a User Account and to users who have a User Account on the Platform. Those registering for a User Account and already registered users may print out the Terms of Use or save them on the hard drive of their computer.

3. When registering an account on the Platform, the user is obliged to read, accept, and comply with the Terms and Conditions before using the Platform. In the absence of acceptance of the statute, registering a User Account on the Platform, and thus the commencement of service provision by CPL Jobs Sp. z o.o. is impossible.

§ 2. Definitions

For purposes related to these Terms and Conditions the following terms are defined as:

1) Service – described in § 3.1 of this statute, is the service of CPL Jobs Sp. z o.o. for the benefit and at the request of the user, through the Job Placement Platform CPL Jobs Sp. z o.o. in which the User has registered a User Account.

2) Platform - Job Placement Platform CPL Jobs Sp. z o.o., available at URL: https://cpljobs.com/pl/, allows joining the Candidate Database administered by CPL Jobs Sp. z o.o. and thus participating in recruitment projects organized and conducted by CPL Jobs Sp. z o.o;

3) CPL Jobs – service provider; CPL Jobs Sp. z o.o. with its registered office at Al. Jerozolimskie 81, 02-001 Warsaw, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register, conducted by the District Court in Warsaw, XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under KRS 0000364333, NIP 7010256845, REGON 142578192, entry number in the National Register of Employment Agencies KRAZ 10504, with a share capital of 55.000,00 PLN

4) Candidate Database - a collection of data (database) of all users with User Accounts on the Platform, consisting of personal data provided by users during registration on the Platform and during the use of the Platform, containing in particular: name(s), surname, telephone number, email address, educational background, details of professional experience, financial expectations, date of birth and other information provided by the user, administered by CPL Jobs and used during the recruitment process;

5) User - Customer; a natural person with full legal capacity who has created a User Account on the Platform and has thereby joined the Candidate Database;

6) Employer / Potential employer - an entity (legal or natural person conducting business activity, as well as an organizational unit without legal personality) for which CPL Jobs conducts the recruitment process

7) Recruitment process - a project organized and carried out by CPL Jobs on the basis of cooperation with the Employer / Potential employer, consisting of the selection of Candidates from the database of those Users whose profile corresponds to the assumed criteria of the project and making available personal data of selected Users to the Client, under the terms described herein;

§ 3. The scope of the services provided and the rules of use of the platform

1. Based on these Terms and Conditions, CPL Jobs, as a registered employment agency, is obligated to provide the user with the following services via the Platform:

1.1. The service of the user within the User Account, consisting of enabling the user to create, by means of the Platform, their own profile, to upload a resume and other additional information which is to serve the purpose of enabling CPL Jobs to match the best job offers for a given user,

1.2. Job placement, consisting in the selection of the most suitable job offers to the user's expectations and making their personal data available, with their consent, to Potential Employers,

1.3. Making available job offers from potential employers, consisting of continuous presentation of job offers available to and tailored to the user’s individual needs, as part of the cooperation carried out between CPL Jobs and Potential employers, in connection with recruitment projects.

2. When creating a User Account on the Platform, the user must complete the registration process and provide current, complete, and accurate information about themselves by filling in the appropriate registration form, which will serve to create their profile.

3. By creating a User Account on the Platform, the user accepts these Terms and Conditions and is obliged to comply with them. Lack of acceptance of these Terms prevents the creation of a User Account and the start of the services provided by CPL Jobs.

4. As part of the user support, CPL Jobs enables the user to build, expand, modify, and update their profile on the Platform. The profile is placed in the Candidate Database, which CPL Jobs uses to provide other services.

5. CPL Jobs, on behalf of the user, will search for job offers, that meet the qualifications and interests declared by the user.

6. CPL Jobs will present selected offers to the user.

7. As part of conducting job placement, CPL Jobs will manage recruitment projects, meaning that based on the criteria of the potential employer and the qualifications and interests declared by the user, CPL Jobs will match the most appropriate offer to the requirements of both parties and will enable and initiate contact between the user and the potential employer.

8. CPL Jobs is obliged to obtain the user's consent to share their personal data with potential employers before disclosing it.

9. User consent is obtained in general form at the time of registration of the User Account. In addition, each time before sharing information with a potential employer, CPL Jobs will contact the user in order to provide them with details of the selected job offer and to obtain specific consent to share personal data of the user.

10. As part of the provision of job offers, CPL Jobs will share with the user job offers that are part of the recruitment projects conducted in collaboration with potential employers.

11. Services provided by CPL Jobs within the Platform are free of charge. The user has the right to use all services offered by the Platform, specified in §

3.1 of these Terms without having to pay fees.

12. CPL Jobs does not guarantee the continued availability of any particular job offer advertised on the Platform and is not responsible for the situation where a potential employer fills a vacancy before the advertisement is withdrawn from the Platform. CPL Jobs endeavours to ensure that any advertised job offer relates to an actual vacancy.

13. The user may use the services on the condition that they do not use them for purposes that are illegal or prohibited by these Terms and Conditions.

14. The user may not use the services in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the CPL Jobs server.

15. The user shall not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any CPL Jobs servers or to any services, by hacking, password guessing or any other means.

16. The User is obliged to use the Platform in a manner consistent with these Terms and Conditions, the applicable law, the general principles of Internet use and the purposes of creating the Platform, and in particular in a manner that does not infringe the rights of third parties and the rights and interests of the provider.

§ 4. Duration of the service

1. The services covered by these Terms are provided from the moment of the user’s registration on the Platform until the deletion of the User's Account or their de-registration from the Platform, and thus the removal of the profile from the Candidate Database.

2. CPL Jobs does not give any guarantee of the uninterrupted availability of this Platform nor accepts any liability for loss or damage resulting from possible unavailability. CPL Jobs will not be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of changes made to its content.

§ 5. Complaints

1. Complaints about services provided through the Platform may be submitted to the e-mail address warsaw@cpljobs.pllub or via phone number +48 22 488 65 00.

2. In the complaint, please include a description of the problem or event, which is the basis for the complaint.

3. Complaints submitted by users will be considered by CPL Jobs, which undertakes to fairly investigate the circumstances of the irregularity and to consider the complaint within 14 days.

§ 6. Termination of the services

1. The user may cancel the use of the services at any time, particularly if they do not accept the amendments to these Terms and Conditions.

2. Cancellation of the services is carried out by the user deleting their User Account on the Platform.

3. CPL Jobs may suspend the provision of services, block the User Account or remove it with immediate effect, in the case of violation of these Terms, in particular when the user:

3.1. Provided during the registration of the User Account data that is untrue, inaccurate, or outdated, misleading or violates the rights of third parties

3.2. Uses the Platform to violate the personal interests of a third party

3.3. Violates the security rules set out in these Terms and Conditions

3.4. Commits other conduct that will be considered by CPL Jobs as reprehensible behaviour, incompatible with applicable law and/or general principles of Internet use, as contrary to the objectives of the creation of the Platform or detrimental to the good name of CPL Jobs.

§ 7. Technical requirements

1. Access to the Platform requires meeting the following minimum technical requirements:

1.1.  Access to the Internet

1.2.  Web browsing software (Internet browser)

2. CPL Jobs is not responsible for the proper functioning of the Platform if the computer hardware and software do not meet the above technical requirements.

3. In order to register a User Account on the Platform, the User must establish an individual login and a password protecting it.

4. The access password shall:

4.1. Contain at least 8 characters

4.2. Contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and a digit or special character

4.3. Be changed, if possible, at least every 30 days and immediately if there is a risk that an unauthorised person has gained access to it.

5. The user is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and login name.

6. The user is entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur under their login name.

7. The user may change the password or login at any time as instructed; the user may also opt out of services enabled during registration at their discretion.

8. The user agrees to notify CPL Jobs immediately of any unauthorized use of their login name and of any other breach of security.

9. CPL Jobs shall not be liable for any damages that may result from the use of a user's password or login name with or without the user's knowledge. However, the user may be held liable for damages incurred by CPL Jobs or others as a result of the use of their password or login name by third parties.

10. CPL Jobs does not guarantee that the service will be error-free or that defects in the service will be corrected.

11. CPL Jobs does not guarantee that files downloaded from the Platform or sent by email through the Platform will be free of viruses, bugs, Trojan horses or other code of a harmful or destructive nature. Although they make every effort to ensure, in a manner appropriate to the risks and potential threats, the security of the content posted on the Platform.

12. The user is responsible for implementing appropriate procedures and control points to meet their requirements for accuracy of input and output data, and for maintaining the external systems to the Platform that would allow recovery of any lost data.

13. CPL Jobs uses the user's browser cache, Persistent First Party Cookies, and session cookies to remember the choices the user has made, including maintaining the session (after logging in). Cookies are stored in the final device for the time specified in the parameters of cookies or they are deleted. CPL Jobs informs that the user is able to restrict the use of cookies on their device by changing the settings of the browser, however, this restriction may affect some functionality of the Platform.

§ 8. Personal Data Protection

1. The administrator of the users' personal data is CPL Jobs. The administrator has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who can be contacted at the following email address: dataprivacy@cpl.com.

2. CPL Jobs collects personal data in order to serve the user. Such data may include: first name(s), surname, telephone number, email address, educational background, details of work experience, financial expectations, date of birth and other information provided by the user as required for the placement services.

3. CPL Jobs collects personal data and uses it to provide job placement services commissioned by the user, and therefore on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as r.o.d.o.).

4. The user's data will be used solely for the purpose of matching the user's profile with potential job offers and will be made available to potential employers with the user's consent.

4.1 To ensure efficiency of service, the users' personal data may be disclosed by consultants working for the CPL Group, to which CPL Jobs belongs.

4.2 CPL Jobs may also entrust the processing of the users' personal data to contracted companies that act as "data processing centres" on behalf of CPL Jobs.

4.3 CPL Jobs entrusts personal information for processing only to entities assisting in the provision of Job Placement Services to you. These entities may not use this information for purposes other than those related to the provision of these services by CPL Jobs.

4.4 Any contact information provided by the user through the CPL Jobs system will not be sold, rented, or leased to other entities for the purposes of marketing and sales offers directed to the user.

4.5 CPL Jobs will only disclose to independent companies’ personal information necessary to provide the relevant services.

5. The users' personal data may be used by CPL Jobs for the period necessary to provide services at the request of the user, and after that time for the purposes and for the period and to the extent required by law or for securing possible claims.

6. CPL Jobs is obliged to ensure the security of user data.

6.1 In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, CPL Jobs has implemented appropriate physical and electronic access and management procedures that secure and protect the information collected online.

6.2 CPL Jobs uses various security technologies and procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

6.3 CPL Jobs accepts no liability for incidents resulting from the sole fault of the User or occurring as a result of circumstances that CPL Jobs could not have foreseen despite due diligence.

7. Provision of personal data by the user is voluntary, although necessary for CPL Jobs to be able to carry out job placement services ordered by the user, and therefore necessary for the implementation of the agreement on the provision of services between CPL Jobs and the User.

8. The user has the right to request access to the content of their data, their rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, the right to data portability and the right to object.

9. The user has the right to lodge a complaint if they consider that the way CPL Jobs uses their data violates r.o.d.o. The complaint must be lodged with the supervisory authority, which from 25 May 2018 is the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

10. After logging into your User Account, the user may view, update or change the information in their User Account or their CV at any time.

11. The user has the right to request a copy of the information about themselves held by CPL Jobs and to correct any inaccuracies in their data.

11.1 If the user wishes to obtain a copy of their information or believes that any information held by CPL Jobs is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact CPL Jobs at: CPL Ltd, 83 Merrion Square Dublin 2 Ireland.

11.2 Any information found to be incorrect will be corrected immediately.

§ 9. Final provisions

1. In matters not covered by the provisions of these Terms the relevant provisions of the generally applicable law shall apply.

2. CPL Jobs has the right to change the content and provisions of these Terms at any time. Information about changes to the Conditions will be communicated 14 days before the new version comes into force.

3. The users have the opportunity to terminate the Agreement within 14 days of changes, if they do not accept the new version of the Terms.

4. These Terms and Conditions are effective from 22 July 2019.