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IT Contracting

​IT Contracting - flexibility to meet your organisation's needs

The dynamically evolving IT industry requires flexible solutions. This is what IT Contracting, the outsourcing of IT professionals, does in response to the growing and often changing demand for recruitment in the technology industry.

Cpl has 30 years of experience in delivering outsourcing services worldwide. We work with over 4000 clients globally, for whom we provide more than 18000 skilled professionals in various market sectors.

Why IT Contracting?

IT Contracting is a service aimed at companies looking for a flexible form of employment. The IT Contracting service involves recruiting and placing IT specialists (or entire teams) to provide It services to Cpl’s client, as part of a partnership with Cpl. The service can be provided for a limited period, if your organisation is looking for only temporary support, or on a long-term basis. Cpl is responsible for recruiting, delegating the project and billing the work of IT Specialists hired under a B2B contract. Only defining the need for specific skills, technology stack or expected experience are up to the client.

IT Contracting with Cpl

Cpl approaches the client’s current business needs individually and prepares tailored proposals. Cpl Consultants' experience in recruiting IT Specialists allows us to react quickly and prepare an effective action plan. Experienced recruiters, specialising in the IT sector, together with the client identify the best short- or long-term solutions.


Libby Kelly, Director - Cpl Technology Contractor Solutions

​At Cpl, we have been successfully providing our clients with a comprehensive offer and know-how as part of our IT Contracting service for years. We will design and implement the most suitable solution that is effective and tailored to your company's individual needs, so that you can work on developing your business in the meantime.

Libby Kelly, Director - Cpl Technology Contractor Solutions

We use the FACT approach to make sure we get what our clients need

Fully understand - the key strategic and associated talent challenges of your organisation or project.

Ask the difficult questions and fully explore the potential competitive implications of the various contracting solution models appropriate to your challenges.

Co-craft a contracting solution to ensure the most impactful design possible and associated key solution elements.

Take a view - a short, medium, and long-term view
with the provision of a best-in-class account
management approach.

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FAQ Section
What is the implementation process for the IT Contracting service?
What are the forms of service billing?

Cpl values flexibility.

This is why we prepared two possible forms of settlement for IT Contracting services for our clients.

  1. Margin – dedicated to short-term projects, the price of which is based on a percentage of the IT Contractor's hourly rate

  2. Recruitment fee – dedicated for long-term projects, the price of which is based on a recruitment fee and a fixed, small monthly fee

Why Cpl?

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