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Executive Search

Why Executive Search?

Would you like to effectively reach a selected group of experienced specialists? Not sure how to motivate those candidates who are not looking for a job offer to start talking about it in the first place At the same time, you care about confidentiality and reaching those most valuable experts? Executive Search is for you!

Executive, managerial or highly specialised recruitment has a direct impact on the development of an organisation. Finding key business-impacting candidates, requires expertise, extensive market knowledge and an individual approach to each recruitment process.

Executive Search with Cpl

At Cpl the Executive Search service has been provided for over 30 years by experienced leaders and managers, who have an in-depth understanding of the market and the industry, who have conducted many recruitment processes for senior positions.

Cpl’s international office network translates directly into a rich network of contacts at CEO and Functional Director level (the so-called C-1 level), as well as executives and managers, which allows us to select a group of suitable candidates who are not currently available on the labour market. Cpl consultants know the importance of taking care of the needs of both parties: the candidate and the client, as well as building a relationship between them, which will ultimately lead to a fruitful and long-lasting professional cooperation.


Katarzyna Piotrowska - Country Manager, Cpl Poland

As part of the Cpl Resources Plc Group, bringing together over 20 diverse service brands across 50 offices and 14 countries, we have developed an unrivalled network of senior contacts in every business sector. Cpl consultants have long-standing and established relationships with professionals and executives across Europe and beyond.

Katarzyna Piotrowska - Country Manager, Cpl Poland

Executive Search Method

A prelude to the effective implementation of the Executive Search process is a full understanding of the client’s company, its business needs, including the positions for which candidates are to be sought. At Cpl, we work together with the client to develop an ideal candidate profile, then analyse the market and establish paths to reach the right people in the market.

We ensure full confidentiality in communication between the parties involved in the recruitment process.

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