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The Future of work Institute offers bespoke consultancy services across a number of key areas under our 7 pillars designed to help organisations with a specific or range of business challenges.

Emerging technology, demographical changes, well-being and new socio-cultures are driving organisations to question the way they do business.

We offer expert consultancy and tailored solutions for organisations that explore, question and design solutions to get their business future ready.


Our customised design process helps meet your needs by understanding the key areas of focus or challenge within your organisation, design the strategy to help address the specific challenge(s) within your organisation. We consult on a number of key areas such as Strategic Wellness, Creative Leadership, Employer Value Proposition and Responsible Business.

Our engagements are broken down into 3 Acts:

  1. Understand– The aim of this stage is to understand the existing challenge(s) and the broad cultural nuances of your organisation. This is done through a workshop or series of workshops with key stakeholders, use of our evidence-based digital diagnostic tools and a full review of any processes/policies as needed.

  2. Re-Design– We use the output of Act 1 and if needed a series of workshops/focus groups or digital diagnostics to design a key output to address agreed challenges. This includes full strategy document, timelines, implementation plan, costing and measurement tools.

  3. Implement– In this phase, we use the data and agreed re-design/ strategy to support you with implementation of the agreed recommendation using our strategic partners as needed.

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