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Lumina Learning

​Lumina Learning – innovative psychometrics for our times

The right competency model to support the needs of the business plays a significant role in the effectiveness, stability as well as growth of the organisation. It is crucial to implement well-tailored recruitment processes, employee development plans and training programmes that will realistically strengthen both individuals and entire teams. The support of psychometric tools should be used at every stage of an employee's presence in the organisation, although it is often worth taking care of this also before we make the final decision on a person's joining the organisation - already at the recruitment stage.

What is Lumina Learning?

Lumina Learning are psychometric programmes and tools that improve the performance of organisations by supporting business processes by increasing employees' and teams' awareness of their competencies and opportunities for development. They have earned the trust and improved the performance of companies around the world. Prepared on an individual basis to meet the needs of the organisation, the training programmes support participants in developing interpersonal skills and self-awareness, improve communication and cooperation in teams. They lead to lasting changes in attitudes and behaviour. Cpl is certified in two segments of Lumina Learning: Lumina Spark, a psychometric tool that allows for full personality assessments and training and coaching sessions in the development of specific competencies among the client's employees, and Lumina Select, a tool supporting recruitment processes.

Lumina Spark – research and development sessions for employees on-site and remotely

This is Lumina's first and best developed product. It is an innovative tool, based on Dr Stewart Desson's revolutionary research in psychology and psychometrics. The revolutionary nature of Lumina's approach manifests itself in not pigeonholing employees into particular colours, or codes. Lumina Spark takes an inclusive approach that shows both a person's strengths and areas for development in an appealing way, indicating that the competences possessed can be developed and changed. Lumina also clearly and legibly (in the form of a colourful Splash, describing the personality) shows the hidden character treasures that can be drawn on in professional life, revealing the full competence potential of employees, which is often unconscious or limited by external factors. Lumina's full profile is dynamic, showing us personality in the so-called 3 personas: Natural (how we feel best about ourselves), Everyday (how we behave normally at work) and Exaggerated (how we react in unusual/stressful situations/under pressure also imposed internally), allowing us to observe trends in behaviour and their potential causes.

As part of the Lumina Spark service, each study participant can receive:

  • an individual personalised report of about 30 page, discussing aspects of your personality and identifying areas for development;

  • a one-to-one session to discuss the results and the report;

  • a 1x2 session (with your line manager, colleagues) if you want to use the results in your work environment.

Team sessions are also possible for teams, as well as workshops (either in person with a mat) or remotely, discussing the relationships between different traits and personality profiles to support team collaboration and understanding.

Lumina is fully accessible remotely, including in the form of phone apps and QR codes that can be shared with others, allowing it to be used without space restrictions and constraints to best understand our team and work together.

Each package is individually tailored to the needs and goals of the organisation. We also work directly with Lumina Partner for Poland and Lumina Practitioners in the region, allowing us to provide the highest quality service.

Lumina Select – a qualitative look at recruitment processes

Lumina Select is the answer to the need for qualitative recruitment processes. It allows us to analyse a candidate's profile in terms of 16 competencies and 24 characteristics, clearly showing his or her potential, while also prompting a list of several questions for the recruiter that the system has identified as potential areas for the candidate's development within the accepted competence model for the role. It is a short A4 document that gives a very broad picture of the candidate's competences, thanks to which we can quickly and efficiently verify whether a given person possesses the qualities we are looking for in a team, as well as whether he or she fits into the competences defined for a particular position. As part of the Lumina Select service, it is only possible to order reports, as well as to extend the cooperation within the service with individual sessions with a Lumina Practitioner discussing candidate profiles and supporting those analysing the profiles in the recruitment process.

Lumina Select can significantly ease the burden on HR departments and streamline the recruitment process, by reducing competency interviews to a discussion of potentially difficult examples. At the same time, it provides the candidate with a great Candidate Experience in return, having received a brief summary about themselves. Such a report can also streamline feedback from the process, explaining why we chose not to hire a particular person, or provide a factual primer on the decision to invite them to join our organisation. This not only saves the recruiter, HR professional or manager time, but also reduces the risk of recruitment mistakes. Simple, fast, efficient and online.

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