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COVID-19`s impact on employee benefits in Poland

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​​„COVID-19`s impact on employee benefits in Poland” is an in-depth analysis of benefit offerings in Poland and a presentation of the changes that have taken place during the pandemic in employee benefits, both from the perspective of the employee and the employer.

The overriding goal of the publication was to present the data in terms of the opinions of the employer and the employee, in order to describe the surrounding reality in the labour market as fully as possible. We thoroughly analysed the results obtained and verified the position of both parties in the context of benefits.

What does it contain?
  • Respondents' views on benefits before the pandemic and the changes that occurred during the pandemic.

  • An update on the employee benefits currently offered is presented from the employer and employee perspectives.

  • Employers' plans and employees' expectations in terms of benefit offerings for the coming months. ​

In addition, "COVID-19`s impact on employee benefits in Poland" was enriched with two expert articles - on hybrid work and the latest trends, and the future of benefits.

We hope that the following report will be a great source of knowledge and inspiration for you in dealing with challenges in the labor market.

We invite you to read and contact us directly for details. We will be happy to answer any questions.

Feel free to download the full version of the report HERE